CUNY Molds New Journalist’s

Being an undergraduate at the School of Journalism in Stony Brook, I’ve studied and practiced different types of journalism from photo, to investigative, to broadcast, the typical traditional journalism. On topic though, which I am very interested in is one that can be found at the Graduate School of Journalism at the City of New York.

Entrepreneurial Jouralism–a way to tie business, techology and journalism closer together.

With an unpredictive outcome for journalism in the future, I think CUNY is very smart for creating such a program. The media and techology are always changing, journalism is always molding it’s self to stay with the trend. When you don’t know what to prepare for, prepare for the worst, prepare for the best, prepare for everything you could possible prepare for.

I think CUNY is preparing for reality. It is important for them to teach upcoming journalism changing media situations and new approachs to journalism. You can never be too safe in the journalism word, it is constantly, constantly changing. Journalism from three years ago is nothing to what it is today. Journalism from 30 years ago, is nothing like it is today. And so on.

Frankly, I’m scared for when I go out there own my own. Have to find my own job and have to worry about no jobs being in the market. Not getting a job for doing something I love. With a program lik the one CUNY set up for, even though it wouldn’t make me any safer in the journalism future, I would at least think it would set my mind at easy. Knowing I could tackle any change that comes my way and hopefully being prepared for possibilities to come.

Some may thing this new program is just a scam to make more money or a waste of time but I think it is a great idea, and although it is an enterpreneutal idea in itself and idea that could help me and the future of journalism is a good idea to me.

We need to save one of the most important public services in my option out there. Journalism will prevail. We must prepare the upcomers for the world they have ahead.

I was not there when journalism started, I certaintly don’t want to be there when journalism ends. I want to be there when journalism rises again. When the public starts to care about the important information again, and not just all the entertainment.


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