The Power of Advertising

Ever since my very first journalism class, one main topic has been discussed each year of my study. That topic is advertising, and the effect it has taken on journalism, especially newspapers.

Today, I came across a story in the Wall Street Journal talking about what? You guessed it, advertising. Apparently American Online, AOL, is coming out with a bigger and better ad format. It “is preparing to introduce a larger, splashier ad format that it helps will attract more ad dollars from big brands,” the story annouced. AOL is struggling to keep up with competition and this is a way to prove it is “hip and stylish” as it tries to hang on from being forgotten.

I never really realized the effect advertising had. When most advertisers decided to pull out from the newspaper, most of its revenue went out the window. In the long term effect, it caused for budget cuts, unemployment, it completely rearranged the whole format of the paper.

I’m in awe that one single thing can cause such destruction. That one company is hanging on from off the ledge and that the one chance it has to save it is advertising.

Before facebook, twitter, or even AIM, AOL was all America really had. They messaged each other on their, emailed each othe. They didn’t have an online page, they had an AOL profile. Today, AOL has to change it’s entire format to attract customers. Just like TV news has to contain entertainment in order for a viewer to watch, AOL now has to entertain the minds of America because people have changed, their attention span as decreased and old traditions aren’t preserved.

Good Luck to you AOL, I hope you come up with a way to save yourselves. If you do, please give newspapers a tip!


One Comment to “The Power of Advertising”

  1. Interesting perspective. Indeed, since it is a major source of revenue, advertising plays a huge role in journalism and newspapers.

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