The Digital Living Room

Technology advances always changes the journalism world and also the world inside homes. Today I read an interesting article about a race to be the new “digital living room.” The contestants are: Apple, Microsoft and Google.

According to Maynard Um of UBS Investment Research, Apple is leading the race.

It is funny how one technological advance can change the whole effect of the newsroom. First journalism had to adapt to the radio, but the radio did give a change for audiences to listen to the news, rather then read and it gave journalist control of sound effects to emphasize the story. Then came television and journalism had to adapt to broadcast, but now audience could view and experience the news. The came the internet which encompassed both viewing and listening and everything else.

With the digital living room concept, not only are the big companies fighting but also journalism is fighting for itself as well. Always trying to stay on top of the game, having to get information out every shape and form of technology that becomes available for them. Journalism revolves around technology. Right now technology is killing journalism. Radio, TV and the internet all brought a different downfall to journalism, each time having to go harder to succeed, although journalism has prevailed each time.

Now society can read the news from its phone, downloading different types of apps to get on. The news, which is supposed to be a public service, can be basically attained for free, leaving a decrease in profits for journalist.

I’m intrigued to see how journalism will prevail and what role it will have in the new digital living room. I am also worried for the fellow classmates in my classes and also for my future. Where will journalism be and will anyone be able to get jobs??


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