Another day, another let down.

Today I learned that from that Newsweek’s expected layoffs finally arrived last week. Long time and loyal employees were told they were out of a job.

My whole semester so far has made me not want to leave college. I am afraid what will happen when I graduate. Journalism, the thing I have been studying for the past 5 years seems to be a career that is going own the toliet.

Another one of my journalism professors, Professor Haddad, explained to the class that the value of a college degree is decreasing. More and more high school graduates are going off to college and now more than ever do I see people in their thirties to even sixties attending classes with me at college.

With more and more college degrees it is sad to come to the realization that there are less and less jobs offered out there everyday.

My best friend just graduated from Cortland University last semester. She had a good 3.5 average. She played sports, joined clubs and did community service. She hoped to get a job with her degree in business economics but she can not even get a job as a cashier at CVS right now. She has been unemployed and living with her mother ever since.

I am scared more than ever to graduate and go into the real world

So far the only option I see right now is going back to college after a graduate and getting a graduate degree or even a law degree in what ever. Taking out more loans and spending more money just to hopefully maybe get a job.

So far the only future I seem to have is a diminishing return. The more I spend the less I get back. The cost of life cost more than living life.

Sometimes I wish I was not born on this timeline and wish that I was born in better times. But life gave me these lemons now all I have to figure out is how to make some lemonade.


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