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October 18, 2010

Another Business Strategy…

Yahoo is trying yet another stratey to obtain more clicks and revenue.

This new musiness model may not be a bad idea and it may be a trend happening with other websites. Although, they did copy this idea from facebook.

What Yahoo wants to do is develop a way to see what users click on and what ads they are interested in the most so hopefully by mkaing more of those ads available which in turn helps them gain more money and helps the adversiters have more sales.

Now I know from all my blogging rants that I have made it very clear that I think buisnesses are corrupt and that I am a money hater. BUT! I actually think that this is a good idea. Even though the ended result and the beginning idea was how to make money it is doing so by giving the people what they want and I thnk that is a very smart idea. Maybe if FOx and Cablevision knew a little about his they would not have shut up their viewers from things that are important to them.

Yahoo is actually finding a way to get in touch with what its viewers enjoy, what they are interested in and they are not only working with advertisers to make them happy but are working with the majority of the people to make them happy as well and I think that is a very smart and practical business move.

My hats off to Yahoo.

October 18, 2010


Money rules everything.

I am so sick of reading in the news all the fights between networks, websites, technology and business. The world runs on money. Money is power and power is absoulte.

The dispute over contract and money issues between Fox and Cablevision is not online a fight between the two companies but it is a fight that is affecting its viewers and being one of them I am not ready to tolerate this.

I watch Fox but what happens when I am trying to watch it this weekend. BLACKED OUT!

I am a Giants fan. I watch the game every weekend. What happens when I try to watch it? Because I am a cablevision participant I was unable to watch my favorite football team.

I read in an article that if I really wanted to watch the game I should have done some digging and tried to stream it online. Why would I go so far into trying to watch a game on the big screen to my some screen computer. This dispute is absurb. The need and want for money is out of control.

Another thing that was turned off from cablevision viewers was Hulu, and then it was turned back on.

Are we or are we not as the viewers also the ones that have to pay for these ridiculous arguments?? And I don’t mean pay only in the sense that when they turn off our channels and access we are in a dead end, nothing else we can do, no other way to watch out movies and shows but I mean if Fox raises prices on cablevision, who pays the price? Our subscription goes up?

I am sick of money and the way it makes people act, live, survive and control. If money is everything, then I would rather have nothing.

October 11, 2010

Thoughts on the digital hotlist?

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Huffington Post, Ipad Zynga, Demand Media, Vevo, Hulu and Double Click and Exchange.

What do these all have incommon? They were annouced on as the top ten on the digital hotlist of 2010. Lets take a closer look of these:

Facebook- I am sure many of you have seen the Social Network and how facebook supposedly began. It is funny, people do not want to speak to reporters about anything but they are willing to put their whole entire lives online for anyone to basically see???? It also goes to show you how much advertising is important to make things succeed and people rich.

Twitter- Now, I do not have a twitter account and I refuse to get one because I think it is so stupid. It is basically the facebook status and I can not believe media actually uses this as a source. I refuse to talk any further on this topic.

Foursquare- It allows users to find new things to do and share their locations with friends? I do not really know what this is. Do not know how it made the top three. If I want my friends to know where I am I will call them.

Huffington Post- I was happy to see that a actual news outlet was on the list. Huffington Post is really a great site with many features. Check it out! It is an internet site that has breaking news and opinion section.

iPad- To me, this is just a large iPhone or iPod. It is intersting how apple is basically a way to save journalism. They relie on these stupid technologies to make moblie or apps about them and try to attract more viewers. Another money making way in the world. All people care about is money

Zynga- This is basically just a stupid virtual world where people create farms and houses. Here is a piece of advice people. Get off the computer, learn about something that is actually important. Stop living in your computer and live in the real world for a while. What are you afraid of?

Demand Media- Apart of Deman Media is eHow. Now I will admitt, sometimes I go on Google when I am trying to look for something to do and eHow is one of my final destinations on figuring things out. They are doing a pretty good job.

Vevo- another music thing. Who cares.

Hulu- basically access to free movies and television series. In return, they make money through advertising

Double-Click and Exchange- Advertisers ways in attracting new audiences, where to attract them and how.

You must be wondering, what is the point I am getting at??? MONEY, INTERNET AND ADVERTISING CONTROL ALL! They are the top 3 on my list ruining news.

October 11, 2010

Is entertainment news?

Today, I read on the New York Times webiste that Laura Ling is now going to host a new series called: E! Investigates.

Laura Ling was on a television show called Current TV. She traveled all around the world doing hard reporting news and she was even detained for four months in North Korea while trying to cover the struggle of refugees.

I find it so degrading when journalist, especially hard, experienced journalist start working for the “man.” They give in to profit, money and fame to dumb themselves and also downgrading for a dummer audience.

When news was first published no one even thought about putting an entertainment, colorful side in but when competition arised it changed th whole entire structure of journalism.

Do news and entertainment realy blend well together? Is what celebrities and the high class do in their free time really matter?

I must admitt, every once in a while I succum to reading the monthly Cosmo, but I am not studying journalism to write for it.

The Times reports that this E! Investigates will be on the hard hitting side and Ling will be exposing teen suicides and eating disorders, trying to attract a younger crowd but what different is this show from intervension and those other television shows. They are not trying to expose anything but more profits

What is journalism and journalist really coming to. Pretty soon entertainment will have bled into everything. No one willcare about investigative reporting or what is really going on in the world.

What do you think? Is entertainment really a piece of information that we need to know or not? Because I think there is more important news that is vital to our knowledge.

October 3, 2010


Between the dates August 25 to September 5, NPR did a survey on their twitter followers.

The results: technology is a main source of obtainng news feed.

“More than three-quarters of respondents in the Twitter survey (77%) said they get most or all of their news online,” the article on said.

I find this devasting because I know what it is like to be on the internet and trying to read something informative, or do some type of work. Already in doing this blog I am listening to music. I have a least 5 tabs open. I have my email acocunt open. I am talking to my grandmother online and checking my facebook news feed.

That is the problem with technology and even the internet. It has so much rolled into one. It is hard to distinguish or to separate work from play. There is too much entertainment available to use in just a push of a button.

I like to have a hard copy of my news. Its in front of me. No real distraction from straying from it. I many not be able to hear or really view anything but at least I am able to give my full attention to it.

Even when computing the survey, NPR results were based on facebook fans and twitter followers.

What ever happened to real reporting, to the dirty work. Now a common way of reporting back to the people is tweeting about it. Or putting a status up about it. Since when did people become so lazy to obtaining the news.

Why is NPR even doing a study about how many people tweet and how many people listen to the radio. What kind of news is this? This is really something important that we should know that it came up on a news feed?

I’m all for journalism and what ever place it can assume in technology to make it grow and succeed. I mean we wouldn’t be able to relive news events without technology but I think it is time for journalist to take a step back and look where they are. I don’t care about who tweets or how many people tweet. Where is the real news?

October 3, 2010

Is there hope after all?

“Chief Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Raslavich approved the plan that calls for Philadelphia Newspapers L.L.C., which owns the papers and the website, to be sold to the company’s senior lenders for about $139 million,” read an article in the business section of
The company’s new owner will now be the Philidelphia Media Network.
Now, I do not know much about the Philidelphia Media Network, or any of the philly papers for a matter of fact. I don’t know what is to come with this new ownership or where the paper will end up in a couple weeks, months or even years.
One thing that does seem clear to me is that hopefully the news outlets escape bankruptcy. For the journalist, and other works affliated with the news outlets it may be a struggle dealing with a new ownership but in this economy having a hard job is better then not having a job at all. Things could be worse, the news outlets could completely disappear all together.
As I have already blogged, it scares me graduating with a journalism degree. Sometimes I think that I should have listened to my mom and become a nurse. She always used to say “nothing can replace nurses, not technology, nothing.” She may be right seeing at so many obstalces journalism had to stand through. Most people nowadays go to comedy journalism, which really is not journalism at all to get their news.
Maybe I should have listened to my mom. Maybe she was right. Maybe I am wasting my money.
One thing I know is that it is too late to look back now. Too stressful to worry about it. I didn’t chose to be a nurse, I choose to do what I love and that is write. And someday I hope I can write for society about things that really matter.
Philidelphia Media Network gives me a little bit of hope that I will be able to follow my dreams. It is hard breaking to me to heard that papers are going out of business so I am very pleased to see that there is still a chance for journalism.
Journalism has had to overcome a lot more than it should but after each time, it always prevails and comes back stronger then ever so, although I’m scared I’m ready to be part of journalism future.