Is there hope after all?

“Chief Bankruptcy Judge Stephen Raslavich approved the plan that calls for Philadelphia Newspapers L.L.C., which owns the papers and the website, to be sold to the company’s senior lenders for about $139 million,” read an article in the business section of
The company’s new owner will now be the Philidelphia Media Network.
Now, I do not know much about the Philidelphia Media Network, or any of the philly papers for a matter of fact. I don’t know what is to come with this new ownership or where the paper will end up in a couple weeks, months or even years.
One thing that does seem clear to me is that hopefully the news outlets escape bankruptcy. For the journalist, and other works affliated with the news outlets it may be a struggle dealing with a new ownership but in this economy having a hard job is better then not having a job at all. Things could be worse, the news outlets could completely disappear all together.
As I have already blogged, it scares me graduating with a journalism degree. Sometimes I think that I should have listened to my mom and become a nurse. She always used to say “nothing can replace nurses, not technology, nothing.” She may be right seeing at so many obstalces journalism had to stand through. Most people nowadays go to comedy journalism, which really is not journalism at all to get their news.
Maybe I should have listened to my mom. Maybe she was right. Maybe I am wasting my money.
One thing I know is that it is too late to look back now. Too stressful to worry about it. I didn’t chose to be a nurse, I choose to do what I love and that is write. And someday I hope I can write for society about things that really matter.
Philidelphia Media Network gives me a little bit of hope that I will be able to follow my dreams. It is hard breaking to me to heard that papers are going out of business so I am very pleased to see that there is still a chance for journalism.
Journalism has had to overcome a lot more than it should but after each time, it always prevails and comes back stronger then ever so, although I’m scared I’m ready to be part of journalism future.

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