Between the dates August 25 to September 5, NPR did a survey on their twitter followers.

The results: technology is a main source of obtainng news feed.

“More than three-quarters of respondents in the Twitter survey (77%) said they get most or all of their news online,” the article on said.

I find this devasting because I know what it is like to be on the internet and trying to read something informative, or do some type of work. Already in doing this blog I am listening to music. I have a least 5 tabs open. I have my email acocunt open. I am talking to my grandmother online and checking my facebook news feed.

That is the problem with technology and even the internet. It has so much rolled into one. It is hard to distinguish or to separate work from play. There is too much entertainment available to use in just a push of a button.

I like to have a hard copy of my news. Its in front of me. No real distraction from straying from it. I many not be able to hear or really view anything but at least I am able to give my full attention to it.

Even when computing the survey, NPR results were based on facebook fans and twitter followers.

What ever happened to real reporting, to the dirty work. Now a common way of reporting back to the people is tweeting about it. Or putting a status up about it. Since when did people become so lazy to obtaining the news.

Why is NPR even doing a study about how many people tweet and how many people listen to the radio. What kind of news is this? This is really something important that we should know that it came up on a news feed?

I’m all for journalism and what ever place it can assume in technology to make it grow and succeed. I mean we wouldn’t be able to relive news events without technology but I think it is time for journalist to take a step back and look where they are. I don’t care about who tweets or how many people tweet. Where is the real news?


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