Is entertainment news?

Today, I read on the New York Times webiste that Laura Ling is now going to host a new series called: E! Investigates.

Laura Ling was on a television show called Current TV. She traveled all around the world doing hard reporting news and she was even detained for four months in North Korea while trying to cover the struggle of refugees.

I find it so degrading when journalist, especially hard, experienced journalist start working for the “man.” They give in to profit, money and fame to dumb themselves and also downgrading for a dummer audience.

When news was first published no one even thought about putting an entertainment, colorful side in but when competition arised it changed th whole entire structure of journalism.

Do news and entertainment realy blend well together? Is what celebrities and the high class do in their free time really matter?

I must admitt, every once in a while I succum to reading the monthly Cosmo, but I am not studying journalism to write for it.

The Times reports that this E! Investigates will be on the hard hitting side and Ling will be exposing teen suicides and eating disorders, trying to attract a younger crowd but what different is this show from intervension and those other television shows. They are not trying to expose anything but more profits

What is journalism and journalist really coming to. Pretty soon entertainment will have bled into everything. No one willcare about investigative reporting or what is really going on in the world.

What do you think? Is entertainment really a piece of information that we need to know or not? Because I think there is more important news that is vital to our knowledge.


2 Comments to “Is entertainment news?”

  1. Good post, but it is important to link sources.

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