Thoughts on the digital hotlist?

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Huffington Post, Ipad Zynga, Demand Media, Vevo, Hulu and Double Click and Exchange.

What do these all have incommon? They were annouced on as the top ten on the digital hotlist of 2010. Lets take a closer look of these:

Facebook- I am sure many of you have seen the Social Network and how facebook supposedly began. It is funny, people do not want to speak to reporters about anything but they are willing to put their whole entire lives online for anyone to basically see???? It also goes to show you how much advertising is important to make things succeed and people rich.

Twitter- Now, I do not have a twitter account and I refuse to get one because I think it is so stupid. It is basically the facebook status and I can not believe media actually uses this as a source. I refuse to talk any further on this topic.

Foursquare- It allows users to find new things to do and share their locations with friends? I do not really know what this is. Do not know how it made the top three. If I want my friends to know where I am I will call them.

Huffington Post- I was happy to see that a actual news outlet was on the list. Huffington Post is really a great site with many features. Check it out! It is an internet site that has breaking news and opinion section.

iPad- To me, this is just a large iPhone or iPod. It is intersting how apple is basically a way to save journalism. They relie on these stupid technologies to make moblie or apps about them and try to attract more viewers. Another money making way in the world. All people care about is money

Zynga- This is basically just a stupid virtual world where people create farms and houses. Here is a piece of advice people. Get off the computer, learn about something that is actually important. Stop living in your computer and live in the real world for a while. What are you afraid of?

Demand Media- Apart of Deman Media is eHow. Now I will admitt, sometimes I go on Google when I am trying to look for something to do and eHow is one of my final destinations on figuring things out. They are doing a pretty good job.

Vevo- another music thing. Who cares.

Hulu- basically access to free movies and television series. In return, they make money through advertising

Double-Click and Exchange- Advertisers ways in attracting new audiences, where to attract them and how.

You must be wondering, what is the point I am getting at??? MONEY, INTERNET AND ADVERTISING CONTROL ALL! They are the top 3 on my list ruining news.


One Comment to “Thoughts on the digital hotlist?”

  1. I’m not surprised to see Facebook on that list. Its ubiquity has reached a point where if someone in their teens or 20s does not have a Facebook – it’s abnormal!

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