Another Business Strategy…

Yahoo is trying yet another stratey to obtain more clicks and revenue.

This new musiness model may not be a bad idea and it may be a trend happening with other websites. Although, they did copy this idea from facebook.

What Yahoo wants to do is develop a way to see what users click on and what ads they are interested in the most so hopefully by mkaing more of those ads available which in turn helps them gain more money and helps the adversiters have more sales.

Now I know from all my blogging rants that I have made it very clear that I think buisnesses are corrupt and that I am a money hater. BUT! I actually think that this is a good idea. Even though the ended result and the beginning idea was how to make money it is doing so by giving the people what they want and I thnk that is a very smart idea. Maybe if FOx and Cablevision knew a little about his they would not have shut up their viewers from things that are important to them.

Yahoo is actually finding a way to get in touch with what its viewers enjoy, what they are interested in and they are not only working with advertisers to make them happy but are working with the majority of the people to make them happy as well and I think that is a very smart and practical business move.

My hats off to Yahoo.


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