Money rules everything.

I am so sick of reading in the news all the fights between networks, websites, technology and business. The world runs on money. Money is power and power is absoulte.

The dispute over contract and money issues between Fox and Cablevision is not online a fight between the two companies but it is a fight that is affecting its viewers and being one of them I am not ready to tolerate this.

I watch Fox but what happens when I am trying to watch it this weekend. BLACKED OUT!

I am a Giants fan. I watch the game every weekend. What happens when I try to watch it? Because I am a cablevision participant I was unable to watch my favorite football team.

I read in an article that if I really wanted to watch the game I should have done some digging and tried to stream it online. Why would I go so far into trying to watch a game on the big screen to my some screen computer. This dispute is absurb. The need and want for money is out of control.

Another thing that was turned off from cablevision viewers was Hulu, and then it was turned back on.

Are we or are we not as the viewers also the ones that have to pay for these ridiculous arguments?? And I don’t mean pay only in the sense that when they turn off our channels and access we are in a dead end, nothing else we can do, no other way to watch out movies and shows but I mean if Fox raises prices on cablevision, who pays the price? Our subscription goes up?

I am sick of money and the way it makes people act, live, survive and control. If money is everything, then I would rather have nothing.



  1. Sadly, in this world – the dollar drives everything.

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