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November 30, 2010

Is the iPad the new PC?

Various reports predict that iPad sales will overcome PC sales in 2011.

I feel I can give some helpful input to this information because I have my PC, well I have a laptop, and I have an iPad and I agree with the reports.

I thought iPads were stupid until I recently commented on it. In fact I blogged a couple weeks ago about how the iPad had to step up its game. It is different now.

I must rather prefer my iPad over my computer. I used to have to lug my laptop into my bed room if I just wanted to browse online and play computer games. Also it is so heavy I would have to drag it to school also if I wanted to be green and take notes on my laptop but then eventually I would get bored and switch back to taking notes by hand.

Having an iPad is so much easier. It is light that I can carry it aorund the house wherever I go. The battery lasts way longer than my computer of iPhone put together.

The iPad even has a wireless keyboard that I am planning on buying and now I will use my iPad to take notes and cary it around campus. I read my books on it and everything. I tihnk the iPad will go way beyond Pc sales and books sales and more!

I know it has some kinks to work out but it is really the best thing I own. I won’t let anyon touch it because I’m afraid they will touch it. I have plenty of different cases for it and many back up screen protectors.

So yes, the iPad is the new PC, atleast for me and if you picked up one to you’d see why.

November 30, 2010

Guest Speaker

Before the break we had a guest speaker who really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective.

I am aware that I rant and I ramble in my blogs but one theme that seems to come across is that I am sick of profit ruling everything but I guess that is because I am young and not even close to being in the real world yet.

Her name was Jane Seagrave, the Associated Press Revenue Officer.

One of the main thing she talked about was how they try to make money off the news with all the transitions news has gone through.

I understand that people can not work for free that even if we want it to be a public service news can not and will never be free, I mean honestly, I am trying to get a profession in this job, obviously I am going to want to get paid but no one really stuck that in my head the way Seagrave did.

She talked about how we are in the middle of a revolution, she brought the class through the inner workers on how to make a profit and how hard it is to keep your information valuable.

So, I am sorry America, although I hate that profit rules business and decisions we would not be able to live without it. You wouldn’t be able to feed your kids without it.

We need money to live, breathe and honestly be happy. Money does not buy happiness but it does buy a life and pay for your hard work so how could you can you’d rather live without it? I know I would not be able to, and I realize that now.

November 16, 2010


I am torn as a journalist between reading entertainment news and writing entertainment news.

I just recently saw a People magazine’s issue of “Sexiest Man Alive.” Now this magazine is based soley on entertainment, mainly celebrities and their lives but then I read that Wednesday night ABC is hosting a hour-long special about the issue. (I was not able to read the whole article because it was on the Wall Street Journal’s online site, stupid paywalls)

Not only is ABC airing this but the host is none other than reality TV star Kim Kardashian? What is this? Since when is she a journalist and what is she doing on ABC.

It does not surprise me that ABC would run something to get viewership up and more profit but it makes me cross a question in my upcoming career.

Is it okay to have a guilty pleasure in reading these gossip, celebrity magazines and also think it is a degrading for a journalist to surcumb to writing it?

I mean, I do not who can resist a litle bit of gossip especially when it eals with fame but I think do not think it should have a place in journalism. Papers have a whole section to entertainment that I do not think belongs but sadly without it news would barely exist because it is what the people want. The people do not realize or care that this is not news and too many americans read it more than they read real problems, like hey what is going on in India?

Publications and broadcast will spend less than 60 seconds on a issue about the president or India but yet  they will air an hour long episode on the Sexiest Man Alive?


November 16, 2010

The iPad

Recently I heard that apple sales are not doing well in the iPad deparment. I found this surprising at first. I feel that apple is always number one and ahead of the technology curve. Many newspapers and journalism publication turned to apple to help them regain readership and hopefully improve profits but now apple might be the one with profit problems.

Students use the iPad to do their readings, although I heard that there are not enough textbook prints available on the iPad but I wouldn’t know because I do not have one, my sister has one. I know that students like to use them because CWP supported the iPad and bought them for their undergraduate students at the college.

Supposedly, the niche apps have some limited capabilities that consumers are hesitated to use it or download it on the iPad and they are right, why download something on your iPad when you can reach the full specturm on your own computer.

I am a strong supporter of apple though. As a news consumer and a striving journalist it is always important to keep up with the changing times . I have an iPhone myself and I have an many news apps on my phone but, I do believe that the apple needs to tweak a couple of things in order to get its sales up. If i can subscribe to a monthly access to my textbooks on an iPad I would buy it in a second and it is a lot easier to view and read the news from my computer because I feel like I have more access and freedome to roam around the page.

November 14, 2010

Has G.P.S met its match?

You used to have to subscribe to a G.P.S application on your cell phone and would pay a monthly fee, today pretty much any cell phone you buy already has the G.P.S installed at your very conveince.

This did not really affect G.P.S at first because the cellphone screen is small and it is drains your cell phone battery and it is hard to navigate, read, and type while driving a car, (although people still seem to text and drive anyway).

Cell phones has advanced it’s G.P.S app that might just chang the standard for other G.P.S devices. These new apps can detect where you are, how fast your going and how fast you are moving toward your destination. Not only that but it can tell you where car accidents, delays and traffic are so you can do your best to avoid any bumper to bumper mess.

G.P.S will have to find a new way to get heir sales to rise again.

It is funny how one advance for one thing can lead to th disastor for another. Take newspapers, which are slowly dying, advance on radio made their lose sales then advance to television made radio lose listeners then advance online made television lose viewers.

Another thing that makes me mad is like I said before, cell phone screens are small and I feel like these apps are just promoting driving on your phone. It is no different from texting and driving. Even though you might now be messaging someone else you are still typing on your phone and your eyes are off the road.

Technology advances can also kill off real people

November 14, 2010

Emails Emails Emails!

Remember when you would have to spend a letter to a friend then wait days or weeks or possibly longer to get one back. When going online meant having to listen to a stupid dial up for 10 minutes or even when we did not have long distance calling?

Today I can hear from my friends in a matter of seconds and everything is designed to go to my phone so if you called me, emailed me or even facebooked me I would get the information from my phone

Now, AOL, which I have already blogged about a couple times in the past months, is trying to set up an email service in hopes to regain itself in the technology world but that is not what surprises me. Now facebook is trying to set up an email service also so that more people would use facebook more often.

Now, I know I am guilty of being a digital native, it is just how I have been programmed since I was born but what I am sick of is everyone living their lives online. Do we really need to use facebook? What ever happened to a friendly call or meet up at lunch, now I never even have to see my friends to remain friends with them. I can facebook them, read their statues to see what hey are up to and I can even web chat through a camera on my computer too.

I am all down for technology, it does advance us but it has gave us a disadvantage in relationships and I tihnk that is more important than technology, just saying…

November 3, 2010

AOL back on the Topic?

I believe one of my first post was about AOL and how they were trying to turn it around and grow.

I recently read in headlines that their ad revenue dropped about 26 percent.  That is a bundle considering now adays anything online really makes money through advertising but AOL still has hope.

It is interesting to see how websites, businesses and papers change to meet the needs of their audience and keep up with the digital trend. AOL, which is known for their dial up connection, is now trying to transform into an entertainment media “powerhouse.”

It was nice to see although the ad revenue fell that the profit is rising. I worry for AOL though because I don’t think that their profit will continue to rise with the change without advertising. It hate ad’s when I’m viewing websites or searching online but I hate to say it, ad’s might be the only thing that can save AOL. Like I have already learned in JRN 301, subscription is not enough.

It is a strange profit world out there because business’s and websites are so reliant on advertising to bring in most of their revenue but advertising is also reliant on those same components to bring in money for whatever their company or product is. At the end of the trial is always money, now it is just a matter to wait and see who is going to get it?

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November 3, 2010

The Elections

I found that the election coverage and the election itself was quite interesting.

Twitter and Facebook have come a long way from social networking to a new social media. I was able to follow the election through facebook and twitter. I am not sure if this was done last year but it is certainly something new in this time era.

The country used to have to sit and wait to hear the results, then came radio which made it easier, then television but even then the updates weren’t as timely fashionable as online with twitter and facebook. It amazes me how far we have come.

Something that I also thought was interesting was, did anyone notice those voting stragedy? Who’s idea was that? I know we are trying to be more in the electronic age, but you go in a little box and fill out a little piece of paper and then put it into the machine? Why couldn’t you just do it on the machine, and what happened to the little curtains and privacy we used to have? I couldn’t figure out how to put my paper in the machine and the lady helped me. I am certain she saw my ballots, what kind of privacy is that? You would think in this technology age we have we could come up with something a little better then almost like scantron looking things. I wonder how much paper the country wasted by doing that?

W may be advancing in digital but something needs to figure out the electronics, I’m sure there is someone smarter out there they just need to speak up and say, this is a bad idea.

November 1, 2010

Wiki leaks?

How come I never heard about this site?

The New York Times has reported over the last weeknd probably five stories on their front page and I am sure there were more on the inside of the paper and online on their websites.

Documents from the Iraq war came out that could lead to some changing views of information on the war. It touched upon civilian death, war activity and more. Some of what we thought we knew were false or misleading.

This website publishes anonymous governmental documents that anyone can view from their computer.

Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? Is there a reason why the government is trying to protect us or hide us from information or so you think we have a right to know everything that is going on? A confusing dilemma I must say.

Well the website obviously thinks it is a good thing because their purpose is to keep the government in check but doing so the creator is on the run because it it.

the publishing of the Iraq logs were the biggest leaks in history

In my belief, I think we have a right to konw. My opinion is pretty much bivous since I am a aspiring journalist and my job would be to do the exact thing.

What I wonder though is why do it for free in a world where everyone wants to make money why just openly publish something and then have to be on the run because of it?

November 1, 2010

Arianna Huffington

Last week I went to see Arianna Huffington speak at the Staller Center.

I am nervous sometimes about entering the journalism world but then here is this great, influential woman that has gone above and beyond what is expected of me and it makes me want the career even more.

One thing that stood out to me the most was her confidence. I thnk that is what got her as far as she has gone is the fact that she believes in herself and that is something I am learning to do more in myself. Not nly believe in myself but believe in the career I have choosen.

Huffington did annouce that she that we were in the “golden age” for media. Today we are consuming news in different areas, developing and sharing. The social network is becoming so active.

She said “take your skills and turn them into your lively hood.” that striked me as a very inspirational thing to day. My skill is writing and I should try to do everything I can to make it my life because news and exploring is the upmost important thing in my life. It is what I love and if I feel that strongly about it I should make it happen.

Arianna Huffington is the co-founder of the Huffington Post. A nonprofit investigative site.

If this one woman can accomplish so much and become the head of the media world, I mean I’m not saying it is an easy thing and possible for everyone to do but it is possible. Don’t let your dreams die and that is something I am not going to do