I am torn as a journalist between reading entertainment news and writing entertainment news.

I just recently saw a People magazine’s issue of “Sexiest Man Alive.” Now this magazine is based soley on entertainment, mainly celebrities and their lives but then I read that Wednesday night ABC is hosting a hour-long special about the issue. (I was not able to read the whole article because it was on the Wall Street Journal’s online site, stupid paywalls)

Not only is ABC airing this but the host is none other than reality TV star Kim Kardashian? What is this? Since when is she a journalist and what is she doing on ABC.

It does not surprise me that ABC would run something to get viewership up and more profit but it makes me cross a question in my upcoming career.

Is it okay to have a guilty pleasure in reading these gossip, celebrity magazines and also think it is a degrading for a journalist to surcumb to writing it?

I mean, I do not who can resist a litle bit of gossip especially when it eals with fame but I think do not think it should have a place in journalism. Papers have a whole section to entertainment that I do not think belongs but sadly without it news would barely exist because it is what the people want. The people do not realize or care that this is not news and too many americans read it more than they read real problems, like hey what is going on in India?

Publications and broadcast will spend less than 60 seconds on a issue about the president or India but yet  they will air an hour long episode on the Sexiest Man Alive?



One Comment to “Entertainment–sells!”

  1. Good post. I think papers have entire sections on entertainment because that is what market forces dictate. I don’t think it has anything to do with ethics or subjective perceptions of what journalism should or should not be.

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