The iPad

Recently I heard that apple sales are not doing well in the iPad deparment. I found this surprising at first. I feel that apple is always number one and ahead of the technology curve. Many newspapers and journalism publication turned to apple to help them regain readership and hopefully improve profits but now apple might be the one with profit problems.

Students use the iPad to do their readings, although I heard that there are not enough textbook prints available on the iPad but I wouldn’t know because I do not have one, my sister has one. I know that students like to use them because CWP supported the iPad and bought them for their undergraduate students at the college.

Supposedly, the niche apps have some limited capabilities that consumers are hesitated to use it or download it on the iPad and they are right, why download something on your iPad when you can reach the full specturm on your own computer.

I am a strong supporter of apple though. As a news consumer and a striving journalist it is always important to keep up with the changing times . I have an iPhone myself and I have an many news apps on my phone but, I do believe that the apple needs to tweak a couple of things in order to get its sales up. If i can subscribe to a monthly access to my textbooks on an iPad I would buy it in a second and it is a lot easier to view and read the news from my computer because I feel like I have more access and freedome to roam around the page.


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