Is the iPad the new PC?

Various reports predict that iPad sales will overcome PC sales in 2011.

I feel I can give some helpful input to this information because I have my PC, well I have a laptop, and I have an iPad and I agree with the reports.

I thought iPads were stupid until I recently commented on it. In fact I blogged a couple weeks ago about how the iPad had to step up its game. It is different now.

I must rather prefer my iPad over my computer. I used to have to lug my laptop into my bed room if I just wanted to browse online and play computer games. Also it is so heavy I would have to drag it to school also if I wanted to be green and take notes on my laptop but then eventually I would get bored and switch back to taking notes by hand.

Having an iPad is so much easier. It is light that I can carry it aorund the house wherever I go. The battery lasts way longer than my computer of iPhone put together.

The iPad even has a wireless keyboard that I am planning on buying and now I will use my iPad to take notes and cary it around campus. I read my books on it and everything. I tihnk the iPad will go way beyond Pc sales and books sales and more!

I know it has some kinks to work out but it is really the best thing I own. I won’t let anyon touch it because I’m afraid they will touch it. I have plenty of different cases for it and many back up screen protectors.

So yes, the iPad is the new PC, atleast for me and if you picked up one to you’d see why.


One Comment to “Is the iPad the new PC?”

  1. Good post. I was torn between buying an ultraportable mininotebook or an iPad. Maybe I’ll wait for tablet prices to drop a little. I think tablet devices are transforming the media industry – I want to be part of that change.

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