Paid to Free and Paid?

I used to subscribe to the New York Times but it became just a waste of money to me. I would never read it.

I love the idea of print and I would love to write in print but the news paper is too big and complicated to read that I always just switch to the online verison.

For the past couple of years I have had the luxury or not subscribing to the NYT but still getting it online the full and free verison. Now I can not imagine how that must effect the Times revenue that people like me are just sitting getting all the news they want for free.

Friday, the 3rd my worst night mare was annouced. the NYT is planning to go behind a pay wall starting in January.

Now, if you read the Times London recently went behind a pay wall and its readership went down about 90 percent. The NYT is coming up with a different stradegy in hopes they will not mirror the Times London mistake.

It will allow access to a certain number of free articles and once you reach the limit you will be put in the position to have to subscribe in order to receive anymore articles.

I only go to the NYT for my news. It is really my only outlet I like to read. I feel like Newsday and other papers just focus on entertainment but the Times is concerned with real issues at stake and it gives a clear and sophisticated way of explaining what an article is about.

“We’re going to test it. We’re going to learn. We are going to adapt,” Sulzberger said in the article.

I’m nervous and dreading the day this comes. Stay tuned to how it all pans out.


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