Government Power

The question always arises, how much power should the government have. As Americans, we are suspected to live in the land of the free but we lately have been living in the land of the government, lies and secrets.

I know they government says they are just trying to protect us, but keeping us out of important issues, is that protecting us or protecting themselves? Because to them, I do not think they have the right distinct.

A website that is not new is causing all kinds of controversy around the internet and aggrevating the government these past couple or months and weeks. WiKileaks. The websites that you can post anonmyous government documents to restrict them from having too much control and power over us.

One article read, “The impact of WikiLeaks on journalism is more an impact of degree than of kind; what’s happening isn’t entirely new, but it is happening on a greater scale than ever before.”

 Another article read, “WikiLeaks has become more strategic and has been rewarded with deeper, more extensive coverage of its revelations.”

And then people disagreed with the concept. “WikiLeaks is not a news organization, it is a cell of activists that is releasing information designed to embarrass people in power,” said George Packer, a writer on international affairs at The New Yorker. “They simply believe that the State Department is an illegitimate organization that needs to be exposed, which is not really journalism.” 

No, WikiLeaks is not a news organziation. No, it is not journalism. But, it is the truth and I thnk that is what scares the government. Because they can no longer stand behind their statement that they are trying to protect us because it is obvious and clear thery are just trying to protect themselves!

WikiLeak as changed journalism and I think the stuff is publishes, the stuff that the journalist failed to report or failed to uncover should be a lesson to them. To work harder and remember, they are the watch dog!


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