Magazines repeating the same trends as newspapers

Goodbye magazines, each year the number of them has been decreasing and decreasing.

I like magazines for one reason. It is like the news consuming world today. It is customized news. People want to read about a specific thing and not have to buy something that has knowledge and articles about something they don’t ven care about and probably not read.

Magazines are designed for your type of personality. You can find dozens or magainzes that fit what you want o read, what you are interested, or at least you used to be able to.

“Launches of new titles dropped to 193 from 324 last year, according to the latest survey from, the online directory of U.S. and Canadian publications.”

I hate to see an idea as good as magainzes falling to the ground, losing its momentum.

How can magazines regain itself?

I think there are many ways that people are not trying to thinking up.

For instance, I read Cosmo magazine….I have an iPad. I probably would purchase an app that gives me a little bit in the magazine in it. If i would do that, probably hundreds of more people would do this too, while continuing to also buy the magazine. This would give the magazine a new outlet to revenue and a new outlet for advertisers.

But no, when I go to look up a Cosmo app what do I get? like 100 different sex position app for 1 dollars. First of all if i am going to have something like that is it going to be a book that I hide somewhere in my house for mine and my boyfriends eyes only…not on my phone or ipad that my niece, mom, dad, brother or any kind of family member could easily see.

I hate to hear news like this because were is the publishing industry, the news industry, the print industry going? Where are the people that can save an aspect of journalism! Even if it is entertainment…


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