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November 14, 2010

Emails Emails Emails!

Remember when you would have to spend a letter to a friend then wait days or weeks or possibly longer to get one back. When going online meant having to listen to a stupid dial up for 10 minutes or even when we did not have long distance calling?

Today I can hear from my friends in a matter of seconds and everything is designed to go to my phone so if you called me, emailed me or even facebooked me I would get the information from my phone

Now, AOL, which I have already blogged about a couple times in the past months, is trying to set up an email service in hopes to regain itself in the technology world but that is not what surprises me. Now facebook is trying to set up an email service also so that more people would use facebook more often.

Now, I know I am guilty of being a digital native, it is just how I have been programmed since I was born but what I am sick of is everyone living their lives online. Do we really need to use facebook? What ever happened to a friendly call or meet up at lunch, now I never even have to see my friends to remain friends with them. I can facebook them, read their statues to see what hey are up to and I can even web chat through a camera on my computer too.

I am all down for technology, it does advance us but it has gave us a disadvantage in relationships and I tihnk that is more important than technology, just saying…

November 3, 2010

AOL back on the Topic?

I believe one of my first post was about AOL and how they were trying to turn it around and grow.

I recently read in headlines that their ad revenue dropped about 26 percent.  That is a bundle considering now adays anything online really makes money through advertising but AOL still has hope.

It is interesting to see how websites, businesses and papers change to meet the needs of their audience and keep up with the digital trend. AOL, which is known for their dial up connection, is now trying to transform into an entertainment media “powerhouse.”

It was nice to see although the ad revenue fell that the profit is rising. I worry for AOL though because I don’t think that their profit will continue to rise with the change without advertising. It hate ad’s when I’m viewing websites or searching online but I hate to say it, ad’s might be the only thing that can save AOL. Like I have already learned in JRN 301, subscription is not enough.

It is a strange profit world out there because business’s and websites are so reliant on advertising to bring in most of their revenue but advertising is also reliant on those same components to bring in money for whatever their company or product is. At the end of the trial is always money, now it is just a matter to wait and see who is going to get it?

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