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November 14, 2010

Has G.P.S met its match?

You used to have to subscribe to a G.P.S application on your cell phone and would pay a monthly fee, today pretty much any cell phone you buy already has the G.P.S installed at your very conveince.

This did not really affect G.P.S at first because the cellphone screen is small and it is drains your cell phone battery and it is hard to navigate, read, and type while driving a car, (although people still seem to text and drive anyway).

Cell phones has advanced it’s G.P.S app that might just chang the standard for other G.P.S devices. These new apps can detect where you are, how fast your going and how fast you are moving toward your destination. Not only that but it can tell you where car accidents, delays and traffic are so you can do your best to avoid any bumper to bumper mess.

G.P.S will have to find a new way to get heir sales to rise again.

It is funny how one advance for one thing can lead to th disastor for another. Take newspapers, which are slowly dying, advance on radio made their lose sales then advance to television made radio lose listeners then advance online made television lose viewers.

Another thing that makes me mad is like I said before, cell phone screens are small and I feel like these apps are just promoting driving on your phone. It is no different from texting and driving. Even though you might now be messaging someone else you are still typing on your phone and your eyes are off the road.

Technology advances can also kill off real people