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November 14, 2010

Emails Emails Emails!

Remember when you would have to spend a letter to a friend then wait days or weeks or possibly longer to get one back. When going online meant having to listen to a stupid dial up for 10 minutes or even when we did not have long distance calling?

Today I can hear from my friends in a matter of seconds and everything is designed to go to my phone so if you called me, emailed me or even facebooked me I would get the information from my phone

Now, AOL, which I have already blogged about a couple times in the past months, is trying to set up an email service in hopes to regain itself in the technology world but that is not what surprises me. Now facebook is trying to set up an email service also so that more people would use facebook more often.

Now, I know I am guilty of being a digital native, it is just how I have been programmed since I was born but what I am sick of is everyone living their lives online. Do we really need to use facebook? What ever happened to a friendly call or meet up at lunch, now I never even have to see my friends to remain friends with them. I can facebook them, read their statues to see what hey are up to and I can even web chat through a camera on my computer too.

I am all down for technology, it does advance us but it has gave us a disadvantage in relationships and I tihnk that is more important than technology, just saying…

November 3, 2010

The Elections

I found that the election coverage and the election itself was quite interesting.

Twitter and Facebook have come a long way from social networking to a new social media. I was able to follow the election through facebook and twitter. I am not sure if this was done last year but it is certainly something new in this time era.

The country used to have to sit and wait to hear the results, then came radio which made it easier, then television but even then the updates weren’t as timely fashionable as online with twitter and facebook. It amazes me how far we have come.

Something that I also thought was interesting was, did anyone notice those voting stragedy? Who’s idea was that? I know we are trying to be more in the electronic age, but you go in a little box and fill out a little piece of paper and then put it into the machine? Why couldn’t you just do it on the machine, and what happened to the little curtains and privacy we used to have? I couldn’t figure out how to put my paper in the machine and the lady helped me. I am certain she saw my ballots, what kind of privacy is that? You would think in this technology age we have we could come up with something a little better then almost like scantron looking things. I wonder how much paper the country wasted by doing that?

W may be advancing in digital but something needs to figure out the electronics, I’m sure there is someone smarter out there they just need to speak up and say, this is a bad idea.