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November 30, 2010

Guest Speaker

Before the break we had a guest speaker who really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective.

I am aware that I rant and I ramble in my blogs but one theme that seems to come across is that I am sick of profit ruling everything but I guess that is because I am young and not even close to being in the real world yet.

Her name was Jane Seagrave, the Associated Press Revenue Officer.

One of the main thing she talked about was how they try to make money off the news with all the transitions news has gone through.

I understand that people can not work for free that even if we want it to be a public service news can not and will never be free, I mean honestly, I am trying to get a profession in this job, obviously I am going to want to get paid but no one really stuck that in my head the way Seagrave did.

She talked about how we are in the middle of a revolution, she brought the class through the inner workers on how to make a profit and how hard it is to keep your information valuable.

So, I am sorry America, although I hate that profit rules business and decisions we would not be able to live without it. You wouldn’t be able to feed your kids without it.

We need money to live, breathe and honestly be happy. Money does not buy happiness but it does buy a life and pay for your hard work so how could you can you’d rather live without it? I know I would not be able to, and I realize that now.