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December 12, 2010

Is the iPad the newspapers grim reaper?

I have an iPad, which I absouletly love. I have heard good things about them and bad things about them in articles. Are these people who are writing about the iPad actually have an iPad? because if not, I think their opinions would be different.

This article I read recently is different though… At least there is actual evidence this time to critcize. But are the opinions pointed in the wrong way this time?

“Are iPad apps the new newspaper killer? A new survey out today showed that print newspaper subscribers who are heavy iPad users are “very likely” to cancel their print subscriptions,” the article read.

Okay, so that may be a true statement but it is 2010 the only print I really read is the text on my laptop or my iPAD!

Who says that this can not be a good thing? Where are the studies saying that this may be able to bring new opportunites to maybe the New York Time websites and such.

Print is last season and that is what the newspapers need to realize, that is what I realize. Anyway, do we or do we not kill millions of trees just for paper? Maybe these iPads may be ruining these paper companies but there will always be news and the world needs to realize that the news is now because customized thanks to th internet.

Lets save the world, not the paper companies. Stony Brook is becoming green, how about the the paper companies.